Scientific innovation; safety quality.

I am a bee scientist and also a beneficiary of bee products. Therefore, I want to share authentic bee products with everyone, to let people know more about bee products, and to promote the bee industry. This work is not measurable by money.

Prof. Xiaoqing Miao, the founder of Shenfeng, was a graduate of the Beekeeping Department (Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University), following the resumption of the college entrance examinations in China. In 1992, Xiaoqing Miao got lumbar disc herniation in a car accident, and had to stay in bed due to paralysis. With the help of bee venom liniment, Shenfengjing, which was invented by him while bedridden, Prof. Xiaoqing Miao successfully cured himself and was able to walk again in 20 days after the car accident. Later, he built the Fujian Provincial Apitherapy Institute, Fujian Apitherapy Hospital, and Fujian Shenfeng Science and Technology Company Ltd. Prof. Miao further established the subject of “Apitherapy” at his university. Prof. Miao’s story has been reported by many media channels, such as “Southeastern TV”, “Enter the Science”, and “Scientific Life”.

“When I was in bed, I told myself: if someone can cure my disease, I will do whatever for him.”

“Bee products are very good for people. As a beneficiary of bee products, I would like to help more people benefit from bee products.”

“We must provide authentic bee products. Only by doing this, can we let other people know the benefit of bee products, and hence bring more hope to the bee industry. As a bee scientist, promoting authentic bee products is my responsibility, my duty, and my emotional attachment.”

“Shenfeng’s resources are devoted to quality control at each step of product manufacturing. We believe that our product quality and workshop sanitation should always be superior.”

Scientists may not be so good at gimmicks, but they emphasize on quality!

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